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Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions

RheinBrücke’s analytical engine utilizes a state-of-the-art Microsoft BI framework and power BI and we leverage our strong domain experience to help executives make effective operational and tactical decisions. At RheinBrücke we have recognized the disruptive tipping point for the database industry that ‘in-memory database technologies’ entail. This technology is reshaping the analytics and reporting segment and they will increasingly impact operational and transactional processing workloads as well. We utilize Vertipaq, an xVelocity in-memory analytics engine, with which this we can build the analytical engine without needing cube storage modules.

We also utilize data models such as:

  • MOLAP: Multi-dimensional Online Analytical processing

  • OLAP: Relational Online Analytical Processing

  • DAX: Direct Access Query Reference

  • MDX: Multidimensional query reference

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