Ensures that your business benefits from our expertise and experience as a Microsoft partner.

Application Development & Maintenance Services

At RheinBrücke, we leverage partnerships with leading software manufacturers and benchmarked quality and process standards. Our agile response service models ensure that clients stay ahead of the constant changes of a demanding market. We provide results-driven solutions to manage enterprise systems, applications and infrastructure. Our Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services and DBA services provide a flexible, high impact and cost effective delivery model for full life cycle application management – from consulting, strategy and development to ongoing maintenance and support. With RheinBrücke you can be assured of:

  • Increased agility and flexibility of your organization by improving the quality and adaptability of your systems and associated applications

  • Improved operational efficiency through streamlined processes, fewer defects and increased productivity

  • Strategically reduced cost of application management (development, maintenance and support)

  • Enhanced productivity by redeployment of key resources on higher value projects and initiatives

Because of our client-focused approach, we customize our ADM solutions to fit your organization, and help you achieve your business goals. Our best of breed processes help us in delivering successful, on time, on budget, and high quality of solutions to our customers. When it comes to legacy applications, our experience dictates that these applications are a drain on the productivity and could seriously impact your returns. The challenge with legacy systems is in maintaining the functionality of the legacy application while the migration of the core of the system takes place to a newer technology. Hence, our services are aimed at both migrating and integrating legacy systems to more advanced technologies that ensure maximum support to business agility.