Injecting high energy software startups with the Power of “Agility”.

Technology Support for Product Startups

RheinBrücke startup services have been delivering value to startups. This way you can be assured of the success of your product and a profitable strategic partnership with us. Pricing, competition and value generation are the pillars to support your product when you are a startup. Whether B2B or B2C or a specific enterprise product within a domain, let us help you our understanding of real world scenarios.

Many years of experience helps us in marshaling products, so that your vision comes through in your product ensuring its acceptance in the marketplace. We are in the habit of doing our work in an Agile way to ensure flexibility in execution.

How We Help Startups

RheinBrücke provides end to end services associated to your startup endeavor that ranges from:

  • Conceptualization

  • Elaboration

  • Construction

  • Transition

We always start by asking the right questions about your USP, product benefits and the associated risks. This analysis, completed within a short duration, leads the way for the development of mockups, wireframes and POCs, as the foundation of the product. The next step is to obtain user feedback to know more about preferences and needs, helping you to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within time and budget constraints.

The highlights of our startup services are:

  •   Proof of Concept Development
  •   Minimum Viable Product Development
  •   Visual Design & Usability Experience
  •   Independent Testing Services
  •   Technology Consulting & Support
  •   Venture Capital Funding Consulting