Helping Mid-Market Enterprises stay focused on growth and innovation.

Mid-Market Companies

RheinBrücke realized that if the business landscape in Europe has to grow, then we need to focus more on middle-market companies that are on a positive growth trajectory, even in times of tough economic conditions. Mid-market businesses benefit from the global potential and scale of larger companies combined with the flexibility and drive of smaller ones. It is surely a sweet spot for the implementation of our innovative solutions and services in continental Europe.

Mid-market companies have occupied a niche of their own as they are too big to be considered traditional SMEs, but smaller than the bigger, exchange listed businesses which dominate the headlines. New technology solutions tied to the cloud and mobile are allowing mid-market businesses to boost back-office productivity, reach new customers, and reinforce their culture.

RheinBrücke with a focus on mid-market businesses recommends the use of services such as:

  • Cloud services – which is a logical extension of outsourcing

  • Social media utility – especially to help drive external interaction

  • Big data analytics – a big part of which is utilizing detailed data generated through online engagement

  • Consumerisation – through the use of personal devices and web resources by both employees and external users

We help mid-market enterprises to mature and develop into profitable organisations with tailor made solutions.