The RheinBrücke Retail-FMCG Solution

At RheinBrücke, we understand that sales and retail are constantly evolving. This is why we have partnered with Wondersoft, a market leader providing business management for the retail and distribution sectors, to provide a solution that involves ERP with seamless POS integration to help you reduce waste, increase productivity, forecast inventory and get overall visibility of stock, sales and revenue.

Some key features include:

Integrated checkout management with checkout user and cash drawer allocation
Checkout reporting, day-end closing, and bonus card analysis
Use of customer-specific price conditions in systems
Instant updates of booking processes, inventory data, and sales
Customizable setup to support diverse requirements
Supports multiple languages and currencies as standard

Some of the Benefits include:

  • Implementation of a single ERP solution for your Retail brand to create a single source of truth for all master data

  • Seamless integration of ERP with Warehouse Management System and Approval workflows

  • Implementation of a tailor made POS solution across the retail platform and seamless integration to ERP

  • MIS Dashboards for executive Management

  • Standardization and unification of business processes, templates and business rules

  • Training of all business users on the new solution and business processes

Business Impact:

  • Transparency and scalability across various business verticals by creating a common COA across the organization

  • Access to real time data with analytics in aiding Business decision making

  • Business discipline through well designed workflows based on best practices and accountability through authorizations

  • Synchronized Inventory across warehouse management system and ERP

  • Seamless integration of ERP and POS enables the tracking of Sales Promotional activities and its return of investment.

  • Seamless integration across multiple systems enables greater operational performance

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