Uses the proven EPICOR Signature Methodology to help you achieve your business needs.

Preconfigured Solutions

As a decision-maker in an SME, we encourage you to choose high standards for your company’s software. Comprehensive business functionality is mandatory even with limited budget and personnel resources. It is important to use all available tools while implementing standard software, in an effective manner that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the relevant industry in order to achieve the best results. Industry specific key processes can be configured in advance, resulting in industry solutions and industry templates combining industry specific knowledge with prior industry experience. Our solutions and templates also provide the necessary flexibility, responding to individual, company specific conditions and processes in a detailed manner and to map them within systems.

  • Shorter implementation times

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Higher productivity

  • Tried & tested Project Methodology

RheinBrücke offers preconfigured solutions including:

  • EpicPay – Payroll Solution for MEA market

  • CSF – India

  • RAPIDIMP – Sheet Metal Fabrication Template

  • RAPIDIMP – Foundry Template

  • RAPIDIMP – Oil and Gas Maintenance Stream Template

EpicPay – Payroll Solution for MEA market

What is EpicPay?

EpicPay is a smart solution for payroll implementation designed by RheinBrücke. Built on the Epicor ICE platform, our solution maintains payroll employee information that can be mapped with existing Epicor ERP users. It has the ability to manage multiple payroll classes such as salaried employees, contract employees, consultants, etc., and map them to the payroll employee module.


We identified the pain points with the HR departments of multiple customers

  • Absence management

  • Paperwork which leads to delays

  • Tax and legislation compliance

  • Posting to GL

  • Varying regulatory requirements across geographies


The highlight of our solution is the Time Module which maintains inter country time sheets to reflect the various time standards in different countries of operation. Key features of this solution:

  • Flexible and responsive

  • Create multi-Company and multi-location payroll

  • High level of security

  • Compliant with local laws

  • Integration with General Ledger

  • Calculates pay, deductions, taxes, increments etc.


What is a CSF?

RheinBrücke has partnered with EPICOR to bring Country Specific Functionality (CSF) to Indian enterprises. Globally, the core EPICOR ERP functionality is sufficient to enable clients to implement solutions that can be used to comply with local requirements. However, in some locations, additional ‘Country Specific Functionality’ packs may be required either to address critical local needs or support local best practices.

CSF Packs can include bank interfaces, specific local functionality, tax capabilities, local reporting templates and other functional extensions. They can rapidly accelerate the deployment of EPICOR ERP and considerably reduce deployment costs in comparison with manual processes or development, as part of the implementation.

The India CSF was developed under the auspices of the EPICOR PDP (Partner Development Program) and includes localized report formats and files that modify AP and AR invoice processing. The CSF provides support for excise duty transaction processing and statutory reports required for compliance with Indian excise duty and sales tax compliance.

RAPIDIMP – Sheet Metal Fabrication Template

RheinBrücke has taken metal fabrication best practice processes from our experience of earlier ERP implementations, and built them into a readymade solution. RAPIDIMP is a pre-configured business solution designed by RheinBrücke to help you extract more value from your ERP implementation.

Around 80 percent of business processes within the sheet metal fabrication industry are standard between one organization and another.

We identified the below pain points with our customers.

  • Multi-dimensional inventory like area, shape, volume, etc.

  • Complex and multiple methods for the same components

  • Real-time shop floor integration & inspection processing

  • Resource, inventory, manpower planning & scheduling

  • Tool Management

  • Scrap Management


Our expertise in providing EPICOR solutions and services has helped our customers overcome these pain points. The RAPIDIMP template for EPICOR 9 enables organizations to utilize pre-defined ERP solutions and our proven implementation approach.

Equipped with in-built aspects like adherence to KPIs, in-depth reports and meaningful dashboards, RheinBrücke’s RAPIDIMP template covers the following features and functions.

  • Materials cost variability

  • Prices sensitivity

  • Strong support for dimensional inventories

  • Embedded CRM, SRM, APS, MES

  • Enterprise Performance Management, Dashboards

  • Mailing alerts for approval and major processes

  • Enables Handheld device for the inventory transaction and real-time data collection at shop floor

  • Simple to complex assemblies

  • Meeting customer changing demand

  • Multi-Company, Multi-plant, Multi-Currency (revaluation), Multi-Language

  • Inward and outward subcontracting functionalities

  • Business Process Management and Service Connect

  • Seamless integration with AutoCAD and Solid Works using the CAD Link


The RAPIDIMP solution not only delivers immediate benefits, but also provides an excellent foundation for future growth with respect to the metal fabrication industry.


RAPIDIMP – Foundry Template

The RAPIDIMP- Foundry Template is a pre-configured business solution designed by RheinBrücke IT Consulting to help your company extract more value from an ERP implementation at your foundry. RheinBrücke has taken best practices and standardized processes in the foundry industry from our experience of multiple ERP implementations, and built them into a readymade solution.

Our deep experience has proven that the RAPIDIMP-Foundry EPICOR solution significantly enhances the business benefits for our foundry industry customers.

We address critical aspects in the daily functioning of a foundry such as:

  • Streamlining data flow from the shop floor throughout the organization.

  • Maintaining Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

  • Real time planning and scheduling of moulding and melting operations based on the capacity of resources.

  • Pattern & tooling life management with customer managed tools.

  • Customized reports and dash boards for the shop floor

  • End user training with their specific functions in ERP and change management.



Salient Features & Functionalities of the RAPIDIMP- Foundry Template

The RheinBrücke RAPIDIMP – Foundry solution with its predefined template covers the following features and functions that are pre-configured with relevant KPIs, useful reports and meaningful dashboards.

  • Controlling production processes, boosting efficiencies and making better use of available resources.

  • Capacity planning and scheduling, resulting in greater resource efficiency and inventory management.

  • Shop floor automation eliminates human error, saves time and improves efficiencies in the production process.

  • Scheduling provides better lead time accuracy and quicker delivery dates.

  • Improved information flow, increased operation visibility with better planning and improved customer responsiveness.

  • RAPIDIMP-Foundry Template comes equipped with ECO implementation metal grade management and revision control.

  • Product configuration that helps to automatically define product specifications, Bill of Materials (BOM) and cost at the time of quotation by using the existing product Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that speeds up the quotation process.

  • The RAPIDIMP- Foundry Template package offers complete statutory compliance.

  • Improved financials provide access and enhanced visibility to high-level and detailed information for improved financial control and management.

Contact RheinBrücke at info@rheincs.com to discuss how we can help you implement the RAPIDIMP-Foundry solution at your foundry.