Best Interior Design Project Management Software


  • RheinBrücke provides interior design firms with affordable project and business management solutions to help them run and grow their businesses.

  • It helps them manage purchase orders, invoicing, planning & scheduling, estimations and client interactions.

  • No more excel, no more paper work and no more back of the envelope breakdowns or estimations.

  • They can have full control over their projects by using a suite that best fits their business.

Epicor ERP for Interior Design Software


ERP for interior design solutions encompasses various features specifically suiting the niche requirements of Interior design firms, which are not only powerful but also flexible. Go ahead and deliver the best to your clients, and plan your business expansions, profitably.

The suite includes the following modules

Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Project Management
Customer Relationship Management
BI Report Generation
Planning & Scheduling
Payroll Solution
Quality Management



    Fully integrated bid management with complete history, ability to capture drawings and specifications, multiple quotations tied to a single project


    Multiple billing options including applications for payment and variations tracking are fully incorporated within project management


    Everything revolves around the project including the ability to purchase and receive directly into a project


    Unlimited WBS levels with control over details held and ability to record or accumulate costs through the WBS


    Project management is deeply embedded ensuring project operations and resources are available for planning and scheduling using Epicor APS


    Dashboards, KPIs and Trackers for analysis and understanding of project status


    All costs are captured against projects with real-time visibility and alerts


    Multiple methods of revenue recognition available to provide consistent and demonstrable calculations ensuring compliance with stated policies


    Allows cross-company/cross-departmental collaboration bringing social - media and contextual info together in a single tool


    Comprehensive time and expense entry and approval to ensure accurate and timely compliance with time and expense recording policies and complete cost capture



  • Epicor Human Capital Management

    Epicor HCM is designed by HR industry professionals. Epicor HCM provides the businesses with the tools they need to track data systematically rather than manually thus giving businesses more time to pursue their strategic objectives.

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  • Epicor Payroll MEA

    Epicor Payroll MEA maintains employee payroll information that is seamlessly integrated with Epicor ERP. It has the ability to manage multiple payroll classes such as salaried employees, contract employees,consultants, etc., and map them to the payroll employee module.

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  • RheinBrücke Copy Company Tool

    Use our EPICOR Copy Company Tool to rapidly create clones of the Epicor setup for your multi-location rollouts. Our tool is Fast, Zero Error, Cost Effective, Efficient and has an Audit Trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP for interior design is an ideal option for contractors and organisations in the interior design sector. An interior design ERP software integrates technology, intelligence and efficient methods to assist teams in handling several tasks and complicated projects simultaneously. Contractors can undertake a greater amount of complex work at the same time while keeping track of the quality of all projects.

It unifies and integrates key interior fit out company processes, enabling the organisation to finish projects efficiently. With such comprehensive evaluation tools businesses can easily manage workers, contractors, materials, machinery across projects. They can save time, optimise finances and taxation.

An ERP solution for interior design includes a variety of features tailored to the unique needs of interior design businesses:

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Management Software
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • BI Report Generation
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Payroll Solution
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Management
  • Multi-Level Breakdown
  • Real-Time Cost Capture
  • Revenue Recognition

Making an investment in the best interior design ERP software may help you in:

  • Increasing efficiency with a built-in project management software
  • Organising and monitoring all projects.
  • Maintaining regular interactions with contractors, suppliers and vendors.
  • Invoices and accounts management
  • Processing change order requests.
  • Maintaining and optimising inventory records across one or more sites.
  • Comprehensive integration, drawing capture and enabling multiple quotations within a single project, all while maintaining a detailed history.
  • Seamlessly integrating multiple billing options, including applications for payment and variations tracking.
  • Enhancing project efficiency by facilitating direct procurement and seamless receipt management within the project framework.
  • Granting control over detailed information and the ability to record or accumulate costs throughout Unlimited WBS levels.
  • Ensuring the availability of project operations and resources for effective planning and scheduling, with Project management seamlessly integrated into Epicor APS.
  • Dashboards, KPIs and trackers for a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the project status.
  • Capturing all project costs offering real-time visibility and alerts.
  • Ensuring consistent and demonstrable calculations, ensuring policy compliance through various revenue recognition methods
  • Enabling cross-company and cross-department collaboration by consolidating social media and contextual information in a single tool.
  • Comprehensive time and expense entry and approval ensuring accurate and timely compliance with recording policies and complete cost capture.

Interior designers can use project management software to arrange and organise their ongoing projects. It helps in keeping track of the activities on a real-time basis to ensure that a project is finished on schedule and within budget. It improves stakeholder communication and transparency thus ensuring the consistency of processes and quality of the deliverables.

Epicor software industry template for interior design business has a variety of features that assist interior designers in managing duties and organising projects in stages:

  • It offers interior design firms cost-effective project and business management options to help them manage and expand their operations.
  • It assists in managing planning and scheduling, estimation, purchase orders, invoicing and communication with clients.
  • It minimises dependency on Excel, paperwork, or back-of-the-envelope analyses or estimations.
  • You can have complete control over the projects by utilising an ideal suite for your business requirements.

With the growth of the furniture sector, the numerous design, style and pricing options that customers seek can lead to endless product combinations that are nearly impossible to manage manually. A furniture manufacturing ERP software can make managing the nature of the furniture manufacturing process much simpler.

Companies may benefit from furniture manufacturing software with strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM), product configuration, catalogue management and data management to stay agile while also reducing expenses.

A furniture ERP software provides increased visibility, real-time tracking of customer demands and industry raw material requirements, maintain vendor and staff requests and effectively manages the delivery of finished furniture.



Mr. Chris Gilbert | CEO at Gemaco Interiors

As a leading company in our industry with an intense focus on addressing client’s needs, we understand the importance and need for improving process efficiencies through technology. RheinBrücke demonstrated great technical and functional depth in implementing Epicor ERP for our industry. We are happy to have chosen RheinBrücke & Epicor ERP to automate our operations enabling us to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Mr. Vinoth K | Finance Manager at Gemaco Interiors

Too much time and effort was getting consumed in managing operational needs. EpicPay implementation will streamline HR and Payroll operations – We look forward to business and cost control (Eg: Estimates Vs Budgets Vs Actuals) benefits by implementing Epicor ERP 10.

Mr. Jonathon O’Connor | General Manager at Gemaco Interiors

RheinBrücke’s Epicor ERP implementation expertise will help us to improve our operational efficiency and provide us clear operational visibilities. We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the RheinBrücke team. We look forward to reaping the business benefits after the post go-live leveraging their post go-live support model.