ERP Software for epc and construction Industry


Construction and EPC industry faces challenges such as providing accurate bids & cost estimation, effectively managing complex projects, change orders and billing. Going beyond traditional project-based ERP, Epicor offers comprehensive project management with multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling and effective contract management. It also supports efficient bid management through embedded customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities with visibility of historical bids. It provides complete visibility of project based resources including assets, inventory, materials and labour and enables accurate and timely billing of project costs through seamless collection of time, material, and expense transactions. Strong and flexible revenue recognition including profitability tracking and margin control is a key feature. Improve reliability and reduce equipment costs with our comprehensive asset management function.


Epicor is a market leader in construction ERP solutions with the following enhanced capabilities:

Epicor for Construction and EPC goes beyond traditional project-based ERP by using a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Strong revenue recognition capabilities including profitability tracking, better visibility and margin control.

Comprehensive project management including multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling, and effective contract management.

Efficient bid management through embedded CRM capabilities including visibility of historical bids.

Accurate and timely billing of project costs through seamless collection of time, material and expense transactions, backed by flexible revenue recognition management.



RheinBrücke has taken best practices and standardized processes in the Construction and EPC industry from our experience of multiple ERP implementations, to help soothe the wounds of the construction industry.

With our Epicor implementation, you can

  • Achieve operational excellence with streamlined logistics & manufacturing

  • Improve financial performance with tighter internal controls & insights

  • Connect headquarters, subsidiaries & partners in a single network

  • Add CRM, supplier relationship management, and BI functionality as your SME grows

Contact Us when you’re ready to start, or simply have a few questions. We’re happy to help with your construction software goals and challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

An industry-specific solution based on EPICOR ERP, for construction and EPC businesses easily integrates with your existing IT systems. It helps organizations optimize contract management, asset management, project estimation, budget planning, resource scheduling, inventory management and labour management. It simplifies the management of complex multi-level WBS giving you complete control over labour and resources as well as milestone-based billing. ERP for construction and EPC by RheinBrücke is a solution designed to manage every component of engineering procurement and construction management, from subcontractors to material outsourcing assignments. It also covers plant management, mobile asset management and field staff management.

An ERP software designed to assist companies in the construction industry in managing every aspect of business operations from pre-construction to post-completion is known as an ERP software for the construction industry. Construction and EPC software is specifically developed to handle the difficulties of the construction process, giving organizations valuable project insights. The best ERP software for the construction industry help in effectively managing finance, human resources, warehousing, planning, and other construction-related tasks through a central database to handle all operational, business, and project-based data.

Some of the key construction ERP modules to consider when selecting an ERP for your company are:

  • Project & production management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory & asset management
  • Contract management
  • Revenue recognition management
  • Bid management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Financial management & accounting
  • Performance management with analytics and reporting
  • Multi-level WBS management

The advantages of using the best construction ERP software are:

  • Data-Driven project planning
  • Accurate cost estimation and cost minimization
  • Project management
  • Workflow and process customizations
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Encouragement for innovation and growth
  • Site level profitability analysis

Yes! Construction businesses that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to streamline their business processes have improved cost savings and enhanced workflow.

Compared to construction organizations that don't utilize ERP software, organizations that do are more productive, profitable, connected and structured in every phase of a project.


Testimonial by Milani

Massimiliano A. Milani | Product & Pricing Director Europe & Africa at Federal Mogul Corporation Antwerp, Belgium

Our challenges made us to embark on our ERP journey and after lots of analysis, we choose Epicor ERP for RAY Group. We also faced initial hiccup and challenges during the implementations. This is where we came across the German based Rheinbrücke IT consulting and took their support. We leveraged their services for past 12 months and from this experience, I can definitely say that they did a fantastic turnaround of the project. I enjoyed the open, transparent and efficient dealing with them and came to appreciate their work. I understand that they recently started their Middle east and Africa operations, I wish them good luck and every success.