Epicor on the Cloud

Epicor ERP is positioned as “Visionary” in Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP. Epicor on the Cloud ERP system is robust, state-of-the-art with built-in analytics to facilitate better decision making and increased profitability. Cloud based ERP systems are the perfect alternative to traditional on-premise ERP systems. Cloud based ERP systems work best for companies that need to control both internal and external resources. This also allows strong collaboration between suppliers and business partners. The use of the cloud to enhance the management of the supply chain has also been seen to yield positive results such as achieving desired growth rates.

Benefits of Epicor on the Cloud

Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are often too rigid for fast evolving and innovative technology and business practices. The Cloud ERP offers a conducive environment for innovative companies and here are the reasons why business leaders opt for Epicor ERP.

By choosing Epicor, you gain access to a vibrant team with expertise in their industries. This has allowed for strong customer relationships to be formed and these have allowed Epicor to be enhanced with deep industry specific functionality. Epicor only strengthens these relationships further – the cloud makes it easier than ever to share industry knowledge and innovate with our customers.

Epicor offers world class solutions to businesses whether they are cloud now cloud next or cloud future. Leaders are empowered to choose the ERP deployment strategy that best suits their businesses. Epicor allows you to embrace innovation at your pace to meet your growth goals and all other desired business outcomes.

You can access world class software without the capital constraints of onsite systems. Thus, Epicor allows for better and faster scalability. Cloud ERP solutions from Epicor are flexible and allow you to make changes to your businesses without major investments. Businesses who use Epicor find it much more cost effective to let Epicor manage updates and system administration.

A cloud-based ERP system means fewer infrastructure costs. Physical security and maintenance of enterprise- class servers are no longer necessary. Further, the very operational expenses of electricity, cooling systems, backup systems and remote access technology is eliminated.

Epicor has a comprehensive, invulnerable end-to-end security model. There is a built-in security in every layer of the ERP environment- from physical network interface cards, to user passwords.

Cloud ERP systems are the solution for massive computing. Since Epicor allows for thousands of users on a shared infrastructure, the server capacity may be matched to utilize servers more effectively and efficiently- thus saving energy.


Reasons to choose Epicor on the Cloud

Epicor Cloud ERP is focused at being as effective as possible to the customer. It enables an easy access to key performance indicators that are critical to monitor product profitability. With Epicor Cloud ERP, you may quickly access data to guarantee that your products are priced for customer satisfaction and optimum profitability. Epicor Cloud ERP also allows you to make informed decisions with the help of its predictive analytics to understand the impact of potential changes and enhance inventory utilization.

Launch of Epicor on the Cloud at RheinKontakt 2019

RheinBrücke has partnered with Epicor Software corporation to offer Epicor ERP on the Cloud to the Middle East Market. This new partnership has resulted in a technology solution that empowers businesses to innovate, reduce costs and achieve desired growth rates. With lower capital requirements, shorter deployment times, reduced infrastructure costs, trimmed operating expenses, world class security and higher scalability, the Epicor cloud ERP system has several advantages.
According to Andy Coussins, SVP and Head of International Operations at Epicor,
“All industries today need digital solutions to remain relevant and drive growth. We are delighted to support RheinBrücke as it launches Epicor ERP in the RheinBrücke ME Cloud. This partnership further extends our Cloud offering for the Middle East and helps support the UAE’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy in line with the UAE Vision 2021”

Epicor Cloud Launch at RheinKontakt Event-2019

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