PPA is a Power Plant Analytics tool to address the unique needs of power Plant industry. Most of the ERP suites available in the market do not cater to many of the special needs of a power Plant. The PPA solution includes managing power purchase agreements, budgeting and forecasting, scheduling power generation, revenue calculations, billing along with different analytical dashboards such as Daily, monthly reports, reconciliations and trends. It enables the decision makers to foresee potential opportunities & threats, and formulate strategies to deal with them proactively.


Holistic view of operational, financial, commercial and Market, shipping data at ease.

Gain deep insights about the plant operations, market profitability of each PPA.

Better understanding of operational trends, patterns, root cause.

Get instant and well-evaluated answers to key questions and take informed decisions, at a click.

Monthly/ yearly reconciliation of revenue and material inventory at a click of the button.

Improve collaboration by allowing user to access relevant business data in real time.

Flexibility to create own reports with self- service tools.

Perform Cost-Profitability analysis at Division / Organization Unit / Cost Centre levels; analyze and forecast cash flows; view the status of Working each PPA.

Get Speedy and precise insights about power plant operation to aid instant decision making.

Instant Alerts and Notification system.

User defined access based on authentication.



PPA Management
  • RheinBruke’s Power plant analytics solution simplifies the user to
  • Create and Manage the power purchase agreement details.
  • Update the tariff and transmission charges on regular basis for revenue calculation.
Budget and Forecast
  • PPA provides monthly budget and forecast value for a quick comparison against daily actuals.
Power Generation Scheduling
  • Scheduling is a key element in managing the power plant operations. Our solution provides.
  • Advance scheduling on daily basis.
  • Manage multiple revisions of scheduling.
  • Store the schedule data in different versions.
  • Manage schedule confirmation document for each PPA for each schedules.
  • Our solution is packed with functionalities that enable the user to
  • Calculate revenue and transmission charges for each PPA based on contract delivery point, based on term period (Long/ Medium/ Short).
  • Calculate plant trip transmission charges based on schedule revision.
  • With RheinBrücke Power plant solution, billing becomes simplified for business users to
  • Generate bill for each PPA based on the bill type -Energy Bill / Open access, and also based on time line.
  • Maintain Multiple versions of bill generation.
  • View and download the generated bill in excel.



    Power plant analytics solution provides decision making inputs to the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) and the CFO not only historical trends & reports but also gives them the capability to do What-If analysis and profits/loss based on power purchase agreement tariffs and penalties, plant operational metrics and coal usage & calorific values etc. Additionally, scenarios such as partial plant outage, coal ment delays can be simulated to evaluate the impact on commercial and operational effectiveness.

  • Field Officers

    Power plant analytics Business Intelligence solutions allow the field officers to act based on real time data using smartphones with a hybrid application which includes alerts and notifications about the power plant status. This provides timely input to the line of business applications and allows the field officers to perform day to day preventive maintenance within the power plant.

  • Power Users ( Finance / Commercial / Procurement team )

    Along with the standard BI reports and BI dashboards for the decision makers, the system exposes the data warehouse to power users to create reports using Microsoft Power Pivot. This enables the power user to create the additional reports and analyse various scenarios without dependency on IT developers.


Rajesh Zoldeo | Chief Commercial Officer of TPCIL & Sembcorp Energy India Limited

We have been working closely with RheinBrücke to roll out our power-plant analytics solution. We were able to very quickly implement this solution that gives us holistic visibility of the plant performance. Inputs are aggregated form the plant as well as from our ERP to give us a high degree of visibility on overall plant performance. The solution is very intuitive, providing very high ease of use, in addition to being very cost effective. Our business users needed minimal training to use this solution. I am very happy with the proactive approach and work done by Team RheinBrücke and look forward to their ongoing support.