Assigns a counselor to each employee facilitating their career development within the organization.

Mentoring Approach


The RheinBrücke mentoring model has a strong focus on supporting individual development whilst maintaining individual responsibility. An innovative approach to people development is required in order to ensure that our consultants are constantly evolving towards their development goals and are able to master the day-to-day challenges they face with our clients. This development is not just a hierarchical progression through career levels, but is also about awareness and personal growth.

The mentor has two main roles within the RheinBrücke mentoring model. As a “manager”, the mentor ensures that all formal HR process activities, such as agreeing objectives and end of year assessments, are completed on time. The HR process is formalized. Therefore, a visible part is supported by process descriptions and templates. A mentor’s second role is to be focused on the further development of the mentee and their potential. The development-oriented role of a mentor is mostly invisible to others – it is part of the “designed alliance” between the mentee and mentor.

At RheinBrücke, each employee (mentee) is assigned to a mentor who facilitates the mentee’s career development within the organisation. We provide the framework to facilitate this relationship. Mentoring for personal and career development is embedded into a formal HR cycle that ensures that each consultant’s performance throughout the year is measured and assessed. Career development is also reviewed and continuously explored.

All RheinBrücke mentors are educated and trained for their role and responsibilities as a mentor and are provided with the necessary tools and techniques to foster their mentee’s development. We provide intensive mentoring courses for each mentor that equips them with the required information and experience for both the RheinBrücke HR process and development aspects of mentoring, including helpful tools and detailed feedback.