Offers a talent-based, delivery-oriented career model within a truly professional consulting environment

Our People

RheinBrücke leverages a highly qualified and hardworking team to deliver all our solutions. We accumulate such talent by attracting and retaining the best consultants in the market. A characteristic feature of our team is that they are creative people who thrive on being client facing. We embrace and encourage diversity amongst members of our team. This is reflected in the profiles of the people we hire and values we share and cherish across the years we work with them. Our employee base consists of people from many different nationalities and who speak different languages. Our leadership principles are founded up on comprehensive career and counselling models, which foster progressive development and personal growth, be it an Analyst to a Partner.

Career Model

RheinBrücke offers a talent-based, delivery-oriented career model. We also offer a personally fulfilling career in a truly professional consulting environment where every individual has a direct impact on our success. Every employee has the ability to:

  • Participate in the growth of the company

  • Progress through a talent-based, delivery-oriented career model

  • Work with people having similar values

  • Be part of an international team

  • Work on cutting edge products and provide business consultancy

  • Help to drive innovation in our service offerings

RheinBrücke fosters continuous development and personal growth through opportunities to work with the very best people on result-focused engagements.

Our career model is much more than levels and hierarchy and it provides access to:

 World class clients and challenging engagements

You will work with a variety of clients from multinational companies to well-known SMEs (KMU) in Europe who are leaders in their markets. You will design best practice business processes, build technology solutions, and provide program management and delivery services. You will be part of a team that delivers challenging engagements that transform the client’s business at a regional as well as on a global level.

 A “quality consultancy” culture

The client’s needs are central to everything we do. Our reputation comes from the value you add to our clients individually and in teams. Administration is kept to a minimum. We trust our people to do the right thing. We work together collaboratively to make the client successful.

 Competitive rewards and ongoing development

Our base pay and benefits are competitive with the top players in the market. Bonus schemes are designed to share the success of our company and recognize both individual and team achievements. Our counselling culture further develops individuals and teams and one which systematically leverages knowledge.

Finding the Right Fit

Positions at RheinBrücke constantly open up. We urge interested candidates to go through the various bands listed below and apply for an appropriate role.

Entry Level

Trainee (Band ET)

Our Software Engineer trainees are typically Engineering graduates fresh out of college. Engineering trainees will initially undergo a very rigorous training program which includes on the job training. Over a period of three months, they will start performing under the close supervision of software and senior software engineers. Upon completion of one year of training they become software engineers, based on their performance.

Software Engineer (Band E)

Our software engineers are involved with the development of information systems and are responsible for the design, development, and installing software solutions. They determine operational feasibility by evaluating analyses, problem definition, requirements analysis, solution development, and propose solutions. Our engineers document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code. They prepare and install solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards, and programming. They constantly improve operations by conducting systems analyses and recommend changes wherever needed. Maintenance, support and enhancements to the live systems and continuous improvements are also to be done on an ongoing basis.

Senior Software Engineer (Band E)

Senior Software Engineers at Rhinebrücke build and maintain applications, provide maintenance and support in an Agile software development environment. They are responsible for participating in the definition, design and implementation phases of new applications as well as enhancing large applications. They also need to be involved in all phases of team development including project scoping, team building, working with business leads & project managers, managing deadlines, understanding & articulating priorities, architecting solutions, coding & delivering results. SSEs analyze system specifications and translate system requirements to task specifications for junior programmers.


Analyst (Band T)

An Analyst works in a specific business process, industry domain or technology and demonstrates the ability to define, analyze and propose solutions. They work on their assigned tasks under the supervision of their team leaders, and provide support to engagement and proposal teams. Analysts are responsible for ensuring that the requirements set forth by the business are captured and documented correctly before the solution is developed and implemented. Our analysts need to be focused on building respective knowledge and expertise, establish an internal network, and build sound relationships with our client staff when on engagements.

Team Lead / Project Lead (Band T)

Team Lead/Project Lead heads the team assigned for a particular project and gets involved with and is responsible for all phases of project work. They are responsible for following set standards for coding, ensuring quality of programming, and building user-friendly and functional software solutions. They are responsible for identifying potential issues during actual implementation or module integration. Leads are responsible for creating documents related to the development processes like timesheets, version release information, etc. They are also responsible for the first level review of the performance of team members .They are the front for all team members for implementation of the company’s policies and processes and well as for shaping their view. A Team Lead will also be responsible for training and guiding others in a team.


Project Manager / Program Manager (Band M)

Our managers are responsible for thoroughly understanding and communicating stakeholder requirements to appropriate team members and manage all requirements accordingly to realize each of the stakeholder requirements. They establish clear ownership for project tasks, ensure that team members have the tools needed, and provide timely feedback. They define & maintain all implementation processes, manage implementation lifecycle and coordinate documentation when needed. They will need to coordinate and facilitate delivery of project objectives. Our managers conduct regular status meetings with all stakeholders, keeping the stakeholder’s needs and requirements continuously in view. They track progress and review project tasks to make certain deadlines are met appropriately. Managers assess project issues and identify solutions to meet productivity, quality and stakeholder goals. They proactively communicate project status, issues & risks to management. Managers maintain timelines and target dates in the project and manage the project budget. Our managers also arrange customer trainings and will need to align training with customer goals.

Consultant (Band M)

Our consultants work in particular business processes, industry verticals or technology areas. Independently, they deliver work products for specific solutions within a work stream applying their specialist knowledge, while further deepening their expertise in their area of specialization. They also assist teams (client and internal) to deliver work products in specific areas and continuously gain hands-on experience through this delivery. They build and maintain quality relationships with client counterparts and network extensively. Consultants support consulting proposals in their area and contribute to knowledge management initiatives.

Senior Consultant (Band M)

Our Senior Consultants lead a work stream or manage teams with moderate supervision. They are specialists in a specific business process, industry vertical or technology areas and independently use their expertise to deliver work products for specific solutions within a work stream. It is integral that they continually build and manage relationships with our mid & senior level client managers. Senior Consultants contribute to specific sections of proposals and actively contribute to the building of our organisation including knowledge management and transfer, take on mentoring roles for new employees and participate in recruiting events & job fairs.

Principal Consultant (Band M)

Our Principal consultants lead and manage medium sized engagements or streams in large complex engagements by managing staffing, budgets, resources and risks for the assigned stream. Their aim is to be recognized as an expert on industry, processes, business value creation or technology. Principal Consultants build and maintain strong relationships with senior client managers. As Principal Consultants, they contribute to & deliver proposals and assume full responsibility for larger parts of the proposal. They manage teams, act as counselors, contribute to firm development through recruitment, knowledge management, etc. They also contribute to horizontal practice/community development and publications.


Delivery Manager / Account Manager / Assistant Vice President (Band L)

Our delivery / account managers direct and manage project development from across all stages. They define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders. They are responsible to develop full-scale project plans and associated communication documents. Managers effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear manner. They set and continually manage project expectations with team members and other stakeholders. Delivery Managers/ Account Managers / Assistant Vice Presidents, develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations. They are responsible for project timeliness, project quality and profitability. They also define project success criteria and disseminate them to the parties who will be involved with the project throughout its life cycle. They are responsible to coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work. They build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the project. Delivery Managers/ Account Managers / Assistant Vice Presidents, conduct project post mortems and create a recommendations report in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements. They are also responsible to develop best practices and tools for project execution and management.

Senior Principal Consultant (Band L)

Senior Principal Consultants lead and manage large and/or highly complex consulting engagements as well as multiple proposal processes. They are responsible for new business development, revenue management, and client delivery excellence, managing and guiding teams and acting as trusted client advisors. It is one of their primary goals to be recognized as a leader in their relevant industry or horizontal practice with an established reputation as an expert. Senior Principal Consultants actively assume responsibilities for recruiting, counselling and competency development, and may have a leadership role in a community.

Associate Partner (Band L)

Associate Partners focus on delivery of large client engagements and are viewed as trusted advisors by clients. They estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals. They are also involved in drafting and submitting budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary. They lead the sale of large deals and establish and demonstrate sustained financial contribution in sales and managed revenue. They assume a leadership role in firm building and people development/management. They are responsible for significant development in practices/communities and are recognized for deep competency and thought leadership in specific areas.


Partners are members of the organization’s leadership and they would be driving execution of strategy, delivering complex client engagements, which have a considerable financial impact to our firm and represent the firm internally and externally. The partner builds, leads and manages effective teams, across geographic and organizational boundaries on client engagements and within the firm. They lead complex pursuits, sell and close deals and ensure profitability of delivered engagements. Partners build and maintain significant client relationships and provide thought leadership and innovation.