Epicor Payroll MEA

Streamline and Manage Payroll with
Epicor Payroll MEA

Epicor Payroll MEA is our payroll solution for Epicor ERP 10. Built on the Epicor ICE platform, our solution works seamlessly as an intrinsic part of your ERP.

Epicor Payroll MEA maintains employee payroll information that is seamlessly integrated with Epicor ERP. It has the ability to manage multiple payroll classes such as salaried employees, contract employees,consultants, etc., and map them to the payroll employee module.

Who can use Epicor Payroll MEA?

We recommend Epicor Payroll MEA for existing customers who are using Epicor10 or above in MEA regions. Epicor Payroll MEA’s software module is a simple payroll processing system that meets the requirements of the HR departments. Whether running a single or a multi-site, multi-state operation with multiple user-defined deductions, Epicor Payroll MEA Software can meet your processing and reporting needs.

Additional Features of Epicor Payroll MEA

Efficient grade maintenance

Create multi-company and multi-location payroll

Fluid workflow hierarchy

Compliant with local laws

Integration with General Ledger

Access and download reports like payslip, status and etc

Improved timesheet efficiencies

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